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      2.5 MW Solar Block
      Solution Description

      The Super 2.5 MW Solar Block is a power generation unit built to supply energy to solar power plants. Developed from the most advanced components on the market, the Super 2.5 MW Solar Block is cost-effective and maximizes space efficiency. The strategic design of the Solar Block ensures decades of reliable operation, even in extreme environmental conditions.

      Advantages & Features
        • 96 Cell Solar Panel. Reduction of panel fixture and electrical connection labors due to heavy size.Optimized internal circuits for horizontal single axis tracker

        • Horizontal Single Axis Tracker. Speeds up construction process.Increases space efficiency and energy yield

        • 1500 V DC technology. All components apply with 1500 V DC standards.Ensures lower costs in cabling and power conversion, leading to high system efficiency

        • The All-in-One Inverter Power Container. Specially developed 2 MVA power container.Includes two 1000 kW inverters with 1500 V DC System voltage, and one MV transformer

      Customize Your Solar Station
      • Solar Panel
        All-in-One Inverter Power Container
      • Electric Cabinet
        16 in 1 Out with String Monitoring
      • Cables
        Miscellaneous DC and AC Cable
      • Tracker
        GCL Horizontal Single Axis Tracker
      • Monitor Software
        GCL Integrated SCADA System

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