Mission and Vision - GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd-Mission-and-Vision

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        Mission and Vision

        Mission and Vision

        Providing comprehensive solar solutions to diversify your energy portfolio

        Mission & Vision

        Provide efficient clean energy, and constantly improve living environment. There is only one earth, so protecting the earth is protecting human beings! GCL-SI dedicates itself to promoting the application of efficient clean energy from every tiny aspect, so as to protect the environment and make our home much more beautiful!


        GCL-SI endeavors to provide the public and the society with safe, clean, economic, efficient and reliable energy and services, promote energy innovation, boost social development and constantly improve people’s living environment. We aim to fundamentally promote the establishment of conservation culture and leave our descendants a healthy earth that develops sustainably.


        Every specific task completed by every GCL-SI person is a part of this great career which changes the future of human beings.


        Become the most respected international clean energy enterprise.


        We are respected by the public because our work is beneficial to national development and people’s livelihood, because we care about environmental protection, because we boost economic development of regions and because we have excellent corporation characters.


        We are respected by the industry because we grow rapidly and healthily, because our operation performance is outstanding and because we treasure harmonious competition.


        We are respected by our employees because we adhere to the idea of “people-oriented” management and because our people are proud of and satisfied with GCL-SI’s social status.


        We are respected by our partners because we value the development principle featuring equality, loyalty, sharing and win-win cooperation.

        Core Value

        Core value is the essence of corporation culture, is the strong spiritual power that

        supports a corporation to develop itself, to fulfill its mission and to realize its

        vision, and is the source and pillar for long-term development.


        In its history of grand development, GCL-SI sets up the “value-oriented”,

        “competition-motivated” and “cooperation-emphasized” corporation culture.1

        • Competition
        • Innovation
        • Transcendence
        • Entrepreneurship
        • Spirit

        Business Philosophy
        • Speed
        • Cost
        • Synergy
        • Talent
        • Simpleness

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